Business travel


Our method

Analysis of your travel expenses: we analyse your travel account and evaluate how to improve your current travel management.

We advise you in defining and implementing a corporate travel policy that adapts as closely as possible to your company profile and guarantees you maximum savings.

Profile study: we create an individual profile for your company in our internal management system, in which we register all the features of your account and determine which providers, which negotiated rates and which actions need to be taken in order to optimise your company's travel expenses. Likewise, we create individual profiles for your most regular travellers to give us details of their preferences for future travel.

Travel operations: we offer your company a personal account manager. This way, we ensure that your company is well looked after and we commit to applying your travel policy correctly and constantly improving it once created.

Information and control: upon your company's request, we carry out detailed monthly or yearly reports in which we analyse possible ways to optimise your travel account from month to month and year to year, according to your needs. The aim of our service is excellence in management and the commitment to guarantee your company maximum savings in corporate travel.


Out-plant: personalised service from our offices with a specific consultant assigned to your company.

In-plant: a highly qualified team physically located within your offices (viability depends on the number of transactions you require).

Self-booking: we will introduce a self-booking system in your offices, which will allow you to effortlessly manage your journeys online.