Operational tools

BMCTravel - Profiler: System by which we create a profile of every traveller that uses our services. This allows us to provide the very best personalised service, respecting their preferences, managing their frequent traveller memberships and conducting any other tasks needed to ensure optimum, high quality service.

BMCTravel - Confirmer: When there are waiting lists for flights, we manage the search process efficiently with this internal processing system.

BMCTravel - Valuer pricer: We get the best deal for your reserved flights, with our own search application.

BMCTravel - Hotel consolidator: Online sales platform for hotel reservations based on booking engine technology.

BMCTravel - Multi GDS. We have several GDS systems (including Amadeus and Sabre), which allow us to get the best available fare at any given time.

Added value tools

BMC Travel - Queek: Request for reservation, reception of travel documentation, useful information and alerts via mobile phone of each traveler.

BMC Travel - Booking Tool: Self-booking tool online, with the travel policy, user profile and approval flows integrated.

BMC Travel - Care: Geolocation tool of passengers and security alerts around the world. 

BMC Travel - Alert: Warning system of involuntary changes during the trip.

Control and invoicing tools

BMCTravel - Quality Controller: Exhaustive control of compliance with the travel policy of travel.

BMCTravel - Reporting:  Business Intelligence tools for analytical and dynamic reporting.

BMCTravel - Conciliation: Receipt of invoices in a digital format with e-signature and integration with ERP.

BMCTravel - Xpens: Instant tickets and invoice management.