Corporate Social Responsibility

BMC Travel has addressed environmental and corporate social responsibility issues through a range of actions aimed at improving the environment, services, relationships with stakeholders in its company setting and conditions for its employees.

The main goal of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan is to lay down management guidelines to ensure ethical principles and respect for people and the environment.

The specific objectives set out in the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan coincide with the strategic lines marked out:

1. Maintain a close relationship with customers and ensure they are satisfied.

2. Minimise environmental impact.

3. Ensure human resources are motivated and engaged in the continuous improvement of the company.

4. Extend the corporate social responsibility commitment to suppliers and subcontractors.

5. Get involved with the community and the social fabric.

6. Promote and systematise channels for dialogue.

7. Monitor and verify the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan.

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As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, BMC Travel is collaborating with UNICEF on the “Schools for Africa” project.

The project

The UNICEF and Nelson Mandela Foundation “Schools for Africa” initiative gives many children the chance to access quality education and dream of a better future. 

Since 2005, the initiative Schools for Africa, in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Peter Kramer Stiftung Foundation, has helped to raise awareness and has managed resources to UNICEF to lead the shift towards quality education and better academic results. To date around 30 million children have benefited from these educational initiatives in 13 countries as Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone.

For 2015, the initiative Schools for Africa obtained the following results:


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